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Single Mothers Empowerment Life Group

If you're a single mother who wants to be empowered, inspired and be a part of a support network, join the Single Mothers Empowerment Life Group, Revive and Refresh! We’ll create a space to release, relax with food and regain a fresh strength. We believe your participation may help balance your life and optimize your success.

On Sunday, August 18, You'll be prepared as life transitions. See why you or your child may have difficulty staying organized, starting and completing tasks, staying focused, setting goals and reducing anxiety. We have answers! Our speaker, Lisa Heard, an educator, a mom and empower-mentor will empower and inspire you!

RSVP now! Space is limited! Questions? Call 205.383-7810. (We anticipate this being an adult event; however, if a child may accompany you, please call before August 17th.)

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